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One year ago I traded in my PR pride and paycheck for a blind turn to graduate school. One year down — three left — but today I celebrate.

Today I retire my lab goggles and burn 4 months of organic chemistry lab work.


I forgive my countless hours hunched in a lab hood making crystals, memorizing unruly neuron pathways and practicing pseudo paternity testing in physiology for I know this over-my-head science has hardened me for forthcoming days of dietetics.

From chemistries to physiology—writing functional medicine menus to construction company wellness programs—this year of dietitian-in-the-making has exposed me to a world of wellness I could have never mapped.

And now – charged with a childhood obesity prevention research project acceptance letter and an almost embarrassing passion for the gastrointestinal tract – no GRE or grad school application could hurdle this trail I’m pioneering to a future of food.

What this means for you? Aside from my cook-till-death devotion to your dinner table, I traded my walk-in closet-apartment life for a 900+-square-foot garden and committed my free time to a CSA farm cooking gig to help broaden Thinn’s food frontier i.e. you’re about to get a taste of Thinn’s wildest summer dreams.


….But more than gardens, grades and grad school, your bottomless support has helped me pull something larger from this.. .Knowing you’re reading and eating with me lifts me from my calling books and brings me to my burners so I can waive my wooden spoon and cheerfully imagine our endless summer of eating adventures.

Believe in me. – H.T.

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food is Fuel

Despite my reluctance to believe I’d learn something applicable to my food future in my science prerequisites—especially in my first week of class—I connected the dots week 1 (and developed left eye wrinkles) while admiring an algae cell stuffed under a microscope. Yes, algae. The stuff I swam in all summer celebrating my last free days before this arduous chapter of my life. And now here it is (algae)… mounted on a slide, magnified 400 times and revealing some rawness about life (biology!) and nutrition where and when I least expected.

It moved…it was alive. It was healthy and green. Loch Ness.

I actually said: “This is SO cool!” but my lab partner did not think that I was. Sure this was a 5-point lab assignment, but this also was an elementary lesson on food, nutrients and life. How revealing!

Cells—the smallest forms of life—are made up of essential elements. Elements that come from food.  That’s right. YOU are made up of food. There’s no other way to say it (I’ve tried), but, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. You hear it, but what does it mean? Come along….

The human body is remarkable, yet most of us don’t treat it this way. We are not feeding our bodies high-quality (or even mediocre-quality) food. When our cells—bodies—don’t get the essential elements they need for energy or repair, it’s only a matter of time before they sputter out. If we don’t feed our bodies the full range of nutrients they need—the building blocks of our cells—how can we expect to stay in good health… or function!? Everything in your life is a result of the fuel you put in your body—mood, health, beauty, athletic performance and so on. If you’re diet is deficient, so are your cells, thus, your biology… your life.

Common sense, yet this concept has been debunked by the glooming Western Diet.

We’ve replaced foods from Earth with foods from factories. Why? Convenience… time. People rely on Pop Tarts® and Rice-A-Roni® because they are “great on-the-go foods” that save time (Thank you industrial revolution! Now I can sleep in and ingest sugar crusted death pockets filled with diabetes-inducing strawberry lava on the go!). While Rice-A-Roni might be the San Francisco treat, it’s really not a treat at all.

The reality is: these time-saving “foods” we mistakenly eat are the very “foods” that will shrink our years on Earth. Sure they may save us time now, but what’s that worth in 30 years when our bodies fail us because we failed to fuel them?

The lesson? Processed foods are a digestive disaster.

Before I start to unleash Huckleberry Thinn recipes, we need to re-write our grocery lists. This isn’t about counting calories or cutting carbs. This is about eating real, wholesome food. Here’s 3 black-and-white food rules that will save you time in the grocery store and add years to your life.

  1. Read ingredient labels—if you can’t read it, neither can your body.
  2. Do the majority (or all!) of your grocery shopping on the perimeter of the grocery store—the hyper-processed crap populates the inner aisles.
  3. Eat food from plants, not made in a plant—if a machine made your food, it’s not food (Thank you Michael Pollan).



And so it begins. My relationship with food. My first real, healthy relationship with food. Sure, we’ve always… got along. But after 24 years of getting to know each other, I’ve decided to enter a fully-committed, till death do us part kind of a relationship with food. The kind only some daring enough to call themselves a dietitian would accept.

This food affection that sparked The Adventures of Huckleberry Thinn is the same undying love that guided me down a strenuous path to pursue a career in nutrition. After recently recovering from a wrenching divorce with my first life match—public relations—I’m slowly understanding the fulfilling responsibility I now endure to feed my nation good food and good stories.

The honeymoon stage has brought me here. Checkpoint  #1. Five years of grueling science classes so I can inherit that RD badge of honor. And it all starts today with my first day of school. Fundamentals of chemistry and basic biology.

This means the riveting travelogues you’ll discover on this blog are not only rooted with my impressive family tree :), but are backed by raw science.

“There is something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact.” Mark Twain. 

Some say walking away from a prosperous career in public relations to sit in a classroom for 5 years is crazy, but I say to hell with them. RD ME.

But for those who have provided unwavering support, I can’t thank you enough. This one’s for you.