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organics more nutritious?

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We know opting for organics is best to avoid exposure to harmful chemicals… but are organics more nutritious?

There’s no definitive answer. But food scientists know of several ways organic fruits and vegetables develop more nutrients than their conventional counterparts.

“…without the protection of chemical pesticides, plants need to beef up their innate defenses by producing phytochemicals. Conveniently, these natural compounds are repellent to pests but health-promoting when eaten by humans.”– Carrie Dennett

Read more in Seattle Times’ Much Ado About Organics 

Author: Huckleberry Thinn

I am Huckleberry Thinn. A several-generation niece to literary icon Samuel Langhorne Clemens (most notably known as Mark Twain), I’m on an adventure to keep writing in my family and healthy food on the table.

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