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Maggie Mae’s mushroom sweet potato chowder with smoked gouda

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Any healthy relationship—be it with boyfriends or bon bons—is rooted with respect and understanding.

When you understand that food is a piece of Earth designed to nourish the human body, you’ve outsmarted every diet …

…and when you respect food’s trifecta of nourishing properties, you’ve mastered one of the most important relationships in your life.

  • Food nourishes your physiology with nutrients
  • Food nourishes your soul with pleasure
  • Food has the power to bring people together

These are not standalone artifacts. Serve each meal with this purpose for health and happiness.

Maggie—a best friend who helped me civilize these food rules—taught me that supreme food-lovin’ mastery is not only friending those who food has brought together (meeting in the CSU dining hall), but the best friendship has the power to bring foods together.

Take this motley Mushroom Sweet Potato Gouda Chowder—an example of IPA-improv and the mischief lifelong friends can endure in desperate pursuit of a deserving pair for beer bread with fig sauce.

Maggie Mae’s Mushroom Sweet Potato Chowder with Smoked Gouda

Adapted from Our Life in Food

1 lb cremini mushrooms

2 large sweet potatoes

1 onion

3 cloves garlic

3 cups vegetable stock

1 cup coconut cream (from can i.e. Thai Kitchen, Whole Foods brand, etc.)

A nob of smoked gouda (~4-5 ounces)

Pinch of dried thyme and white pepper

1 bay leaf

Black pepper

heat a glob of coconut oil in a large stock pot > add chopped onions and cook until they start to lose body > add chopped garlic and let brown > add sliced mushrooms and let brown > add peeled/chopped sweet potato and stock > add thyme, black pepper, bay leaf and white pepper > bring to a boil > cover and let simmer until sweet potato is mashable > remove bay leaf > blend just enough to make chowder-like > add coconut cream > dunk chunks of smoked gouda and whirlpool until melty > roughen er’ up with a roof of black forest bacon > Cheers to more beers!

sweet potatoAnother big dump soup.

big dump souo

Author: Huckleberry Thinn

I am Huckleberry Thinn. A several-generation niece to literary icon Samuel Langhorne Clemens (most notably known as Mark Twain), I’m on an adventure to keep writing in my family and healthy food on the table.

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