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Stefi’s stormy night butternut apple sweet potato soup

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“Better late than never,” I optimistically lied to Grant (I hate being late) as we lagged through 4 hours of traffic to Copper Mountain for what we declared as our last time day tripping with the rest of powder-eager Colorado.

The same (better late than never) can be said for the surprise—and quite late—weekend storm that smothered Fort Collins in a playful amount of snow.

butternut 3

We’ve been waiting for you, snow. I have a bank of snow day recipes inappropriate for a 55-degree February. And I’ve been nesting a shelf of soup ingredients, knobby scarves and floral thrift store mugs waiting to make a snow day fairytale come true.

To celebrate the weather rarity, we agreed to a festive fireside family dinner with friends—Stefi and Philip. When Stefi greeted me with a child-size butternut squash and a cleaver, I knew she’d beaten me to the season’s best butternut squash soup recipe. She did.

And now it’s snowing again—barely— but I’ll take any excuse I can find to recreate that apple-sweet butternut beast.

The sky is heavy and dark like Morrissey and the wind is ripping like it’s ready to bless us with a night of Colorado’s white wrath. I’ve got craft brew beer bread growing in the oven preparing to meet heaven in my hands: Butternut Apple Sweet Potato Soup.

Thinn’s Butternut Apple Sweet Potato Soup

Inspired by Stefi’s kitchen wizardry magic


1 6 lb butternut squash

5 cups vegetable stock

1 sweet potato

3 carrots

2 celery sticks

2 peeled granny smith apples

1 onion

4 cloves garlic

Generous pinch of thyme, white pepper, parsley, ginger and a heavy shake of black pepper.

Halve squash and roast flesh up at 350 for about an hour or until you can easily scoop the squash out of the skin like ice cream > In a deep stock pot, sauté chopped onion and garlic until soft and fragrant > Add chopped carrot and celery and sauté ~5 minutes > Add chopped sweet potato and apple > Add stock > Add scoops of tender butternut squash > Add spice >Simmer until sweet potato and carrot are soft ~ 30-40 minutes > Blend together with immersion blender or in batches > Top with crushed hazelnuts.

butternut 2

No time to write more about this one—I’ve got two frosted hands wrapped around a steaming mug of soup. Plus, the recipe speaks for itself.

butternut 1

Cheers to health and food; love and friends. And snow days.

Author: Huckleberry Thinn

I am Huckleberry Thinn. A several-generation niece to literary icon Samuel Langhorne Clemens (most notably known as Mark Twain), I’m on an adventure to keep writing in my family and healthy food on the table.

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