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GORP gone wild

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Grant and I skipped town for an eating/snowboarding adventure in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Here’s the math:

  • 36 hours
  • $200 budget
  • 1 night at Western Lodge (cheapest lodge in town with vacancy)= $75
  • 9 beers
  • 2 moose spottings
  • 30 degree weather
  • 4-day countdown until first day of organic chemistry

Here’s how we pulled it off:

  • 1 new cooler (thanks Chris!) packed to the brim with power provisions
  • 1 portable cooler (snow purse) to stash in the trees

And this is what we ate:

  1. Night Before Breakfast Burritos: Chicken sausage, black beans, green chilies, egg and Cholula in whole wheat tortillas warmed in the morning and wrapped in foil for on-the-road protein *
  2. Coffee (x6)
  3. G.O.R.P Gone Wild*
  4. Chia honey whole wheat avocado sandwiches with stone ground mustard*
  5. Produce isle: broccoli, black berries, apples and bananas*
  6. Chobani greek yogurt—quick way to slam 14 grams of protein
  7. 6 pack of Upslope Brown Ale*
  8. Brooklynn’s Pizza: ½ black olive & mushroom, ½ jalapeño & pineapple*
  9. Mahogany Ridge Brewery *
  10. Creekside Café & Grill *

(*highly recommended)

Best decision: With a 36-hour budget, we didn’t want to blow our time in the car. Instead of taking our usual (inconvenient) route through Walden, we cut through a shortcut that bought us some time and unforgettable views of Colorado’s barren Wild West. We snaked through a dirt road skirted with tangled trees and rugged cliffs that forgave to miles of Rand’s romantic ranches. I was on moose patrol. Twice we paused the engine to spy on moose—one baby and one beast. Rand’s post card-perfect stretches of peaceful cows, flimsy barbed wire fences and abandoned corner stores were a refreshing break from Summit County strip malls. 2 hours later, we were snowboarding.steamboat 2

steamboat 5

Second best decision: After dodging hordes of Martin Luther King vacationers, we agreed to opt out of lodge lunches and instead stash our food in a tree. This time, we used a purse-shaped cooler (thanks Grandma!) instead of a plastic grocery bag so that we didn’t have to share our lunch with other wilderness scavengers.  So while the masses wolfed down debilitating $10 burgers, we fueled up on chia honey whole wheat avocado sandwiches and GORP, and used our saved $20 to soak in Strawberry Park Hot Springs. They went in for meat naps, all while we power slid every lip, hip, bump and dip on Buddy’s run.

steamboat 3steamboat 4

Huckleberry Thinn’s GORP Gone Wild, a ski-till-4 trail mix

Equal handfuls of each:

  • raw unsalted almonds, cashews, pepitas and sunflower seeds
  • unsweetened dried cranberries or another fruit favorite
  • Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips

steamboat 6gorp

A nutritious twist on a ski classic (good old raisins and peanuts), GORP Gone Wild is a pocketful of fuel, dessert and nostalgia. This bulk-aisle bounty will save you bucks and belly aches. Don’t be fooled by packaged trail mixes with natural-looking labels—they are typically salt and sugar booby traps full of sweetened fruits, salted nuts and candy-coated chocolates. Hansel and Gretel GORP rawness skips the corn syrups and flavor enhancers and makes the best no hassle pocket-size snack ever.

Did you know?

Nuts are the best source of or arginine–an amino acid responsible for wound healing, detoxification reactions, immune functions and promoting the release of several hormones… or.. intense healing for an impromptu overnight in Steamboat 🙂

steamboat 7

Author: Huckleberry Thinn

I am Huckleberry Thinn. A several-generation niece to literary icon Samuel Langhorne Clemens (most notably known as Mark Twain), I’m on an adventure to keep writing in my family and healthy food on the table.

One thought on “GORP gone wild

  1. love the lunch bag in the tree. we learned the hard way coming back to tomatoes ,lettuce and
    plastic wrap scattered in the snow

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